The sunny south of South Tyrol

This is where untouched natural beauty and down-to-earth South Tyrolean culture come together. You can explore the vicinity of the SchwarzWeiss Long-Distance Hiking Trail and experience it all. Lovely little villages and breathtaking scenery, culture and friendly hospitality – this area has it all. You can learn more about the villages and other interesting sites of the “Unterland” district of South Tyrol and get an idea of what will be awaiting you here during your next visit.

Correct behaviour on the mountain

icon Please do NOT camp!
icon Dogs must be on the leash!
icon Take your trash with you!
icon Please do not start a fire
icon Make no unnecessary noise!
icon Take care of the environment!
icon Stay on the posted trails!
icon Please be considerate of other hikers!
icon Mushroom picking forbidden
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