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Here you can find all the important information you need to be safe in the mountains, to plan your hiking tours, helpful hints, telephone numbers, up-to-date weather information, and public transportation schedules.

The SchwarzWeiss Long-Distance Hiking Trail passes through a variety of altitude ranges – from 500 to up to 2,400 meters above sea-level. That’s why it’s important that hikers always have the necessary equipment and plan in advance so that they’re ready for anything.

It is essential that all hikers always check the latest weather reports before starting out on each segment. Sudden rainstorms, cold snaps, storms, high winds and fog – especially in the higher elevations – are not infrequent in the mountains. Consequently, it’s important that hikers act appropriately and equip themselves properly. The motto is: Be prepared!

Storms usually occur in the afternoon – so it’s advisable that you begin your tour early in the day. Under no circumstances should you attempt to ascend to a summit during stormy weather.

Current weather report

Stay calm and call the emergency number: 112.

The goal of the “Mindful Mountain” campaign is to encourage environmentally friendly behavior in the mountains – but in everyday life, too. It strives to promote environmental consciousness among visitors, locals, and touristic personnel, and to encourage a respectful and responsible attitude. The campaign focusses on high-quality drinking water and the avoidance of solid waste. The project is sponsored by the following organizations: IDM Südtirol, the Provincial Dept. for Nature, Landscape, and Spatial Development and the Provincial Agency for the Environment and Climate Protection. The program’s goals are implemented with the assistance of the Eco-Institute of the Province of South Tyrol / Südtirol.

South Tyrol’s water:

South Tyrol’s water resources are fresh, natural, pure, and precious. The tap water you get here is high-quality, and is always available – one of the unique privileges of being here. The “Mindful Mountain” project aims to raise the awareness of touristic personnel and guests, but also locals, for the value of tap water as drinking water. It seeks to promote the thrifty and respectful use of this valuable natural resource. There are drinking water fill-up sites which are clearly posted as such, so don’t forget to bring your water bottles and fill them up here!

Solid waste:

Our alpine landscape is a sensitive natural habitat for many species of flora and fauna deserving our special protection. That’s why you should always take your trash with you. At these elevations, waste decomposes very slowly, and some wastes such as plastics won’t decompose at all. The most-important rule to follow when you visit the Alps is: “Whatever I bring with me to the mountains I will also take back home with me for proper disposal.”

The “Mindful Mountain” campaign makes guests, locals, and touristic personnel aware of the need to look ahead, to plan, to avoid producing waste, to not use non-returnable packaging, and to be thrifty with foods.

Please do NOT camp!
Dogs must be on the leash!
Take your trash with you!
Please do NOT start a fire and/or bbq!
Make no unnecessary noise!
Take care of the environment!
Stay on the posted trails!
Please be considerate of other hikers!

Thorough preparation and planning are essential for a safe hike. Getting to your starting-point, the segment itself (total duration, altitude-differential, total length, level of difficulty), the weather, the availability of rest-stops, eateries, and lodgings along the way – all of these factors should be researched before beginning your route. If you lose your bearings in the wilderness, become disoriented, or get lost, this can rapidly escalate into a critical situation. Your level of physical fitness and stamina, concentration, discipline, and sure-footedness are prerequisites for every hike.

Sufficient water
Rain protection
A change of clothing
Sun blocker
First-Aid kit
Cell phone (for emergencies)
Some spare cash


Additional equipment:

Good trekking or mountain-climbing boots
Proper clothing
Head covering
Hiking poles / walking sticks (if appropriate)

Use our travel planning widget so that you can have a safe and pleasant ride to the starting-point of your excursion. Just enter the starting-point and final destination into the application, select the given date, and you’ll see all of the relevant connections.

Webcams in the surroundings

Besucherzentrum GEOPARC Bletterbach in Aldein
Gasthof Schmiederalm

Correct behaviour on the mountain

icon Please do NOT camp!
icon Dogs must be on the leash!
icon Take your trash with you!
icon Please do not start a fire
icon Make no unnecessary noise!
icon Take care of the environment!
icon Stay on the posted trails!
icon Please be considerate of other hikers!
icon Mushroom picking forbidden
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