The SchwarzWeiss Long-Distance Hiking Trail

The SchwarzWeiss Long-Distance Hiking Trail is currently the only long-distance hiking trail in the Unterland district of South Tyrol. ” Stroll your way to happiness” and “Slow down and enjoy yourself” are the principles upon which this trail is based. When traversing this trail, you can appreciate the stark contrasts which dominate South Tyrol and which are especially visible in the Unterland district, along the Truden Faultline: linguistic boundaries, historical borders, interesting rock formations, magnificent mountains and luscious valleys, alpine and mediterranean climate zones, as well as Schwarz (“black”) and Weiss (“white”). Come and explore this unique and spectacular region! And what better way than by wandering from village to village? Every locality has its own unique characteristics which you can experience in depth during the individual village tours.

All along the trail, conveniently placed information panels will tell you more about the unusual stories, curious facts, and exciting details about the wonderful past and present of these picturesque spots, breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, and pristine nature.

6 Etappen
10 Dorfrunden
Über 135 Installationen
80 km Wanderwege
1-6 Tage Erlebnis

Correct behaviour on the mountain

icon Please do NOT camp!
icon Dogs must be on the leash!
icon Take your trash with you!
icon Please do not start a fire
icon Make no unnecessary noise!
icon Take care of the environment!
icon Stay on the posted trails!
icon Please be considerate of other hikers!
icon Mushroom picking forbidden
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